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The Voyage, Bird In Flight Installation, 2021

"The Voyage" 

Bird in Flight Installation, 2021

The LIghthouse, Totem Installation, 2022.jpg

"The Lighthouse" 

Totem Installation, 2022

Reborn, Pyramid Installation, 2022.jpg
"The Beauty and the Fish" - installation, 2019


Pyramid Installation, 2022

"The Beauty And The Fish" 

Installation, 2019

"The Penguin Walk" - installation, 2019
"Dancing with the Stars" - installation, 2017

"The Penguin Walk" 

Installation, 2019

"Dancing With The Stars" 

Installation, 2017

"The Dude and the Jellyfish" - installation, 2018

"The Dude And The Jellyfish" 

Installation, 2018

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